About frockk

The Frockk aesthetic is based on natural fabrics and soft, natural hand dyed colours. We favour muted tones, greys, greens, blues and whites, with the odd splash of colour and stripes and spots! 
Our styles are designed to flatter and fit the feminine shape, versatile styles that can be worn on holidays, to the office, to a girls lunch or to school pick up.
And we know you are busy so all Frockk garments are designed not to be ironed!
In December 2016 we opened frockk as a stand alone store in Perth.  frockk is also available through many wonderful boutiques 
( see stockists for these details!)
There are also 3 frockk stores in Bali.
Seminyak square
Pantai Berawa ( Canngu).
Frockk is manufactured in Bali by a wonderful group of  talented people who we like to think of as the frockk family. Our team of sewers, fabric printers and dyers are all working comfortably from their homes. Families do most of the sewing in the local villages, and there are no factories involved.
Being close to our production enables us to maintain a high level of quality control 
We look forward to sharing this beautiful and wearable label with you, wherever you may live.